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Build a Multi services App like Gojek

The on-demand industry is changing rapidly. More and more business. Today, there is an app for almost all kind of services.

As several smartphone users growing, so the usage of apps is increasing. Using the users of the app can easily book services and get services at the doorstep.

But, it's hard to store more application in a single device. People want a single app which can handle many services. For that, Gojek is the best solution for all people.

What is Gojek App?

Gojek is a popular on-demand service company which offer multi-service application is a huge success in Indonesia.

They offer over 50 services through a single application. They include transportation, deliveries and other provider services.

You can launch a fully customized multi-services app within a short time using a Gojek clone app.

Why develop a multi-services app?

Effective & time saving
People can easily book services online is a hassle. So, it's saved people time and effectiveness.

Storage saving
A multi-service app saves plenty of storage space on a single device.

Use multiple services
People can use and handle multiple services in a single device. Once people install the app, they can able to use multiple services.

Features include in Gojek clone Script

  • Social Login
  • Multi Services
  • Manage Profile
  • Add to Cart
  • Book Servies
  • Manage Request
  • Store setting
  • Service & Packages
  • History
  • Earning Report
  • Review & Rating


Today, the multi-service app is the best solution for all people. If you are interested to develop your multi-services app like Gojek; we are here to help you. We offer the best Gojek clone script solution for your startup. For more information contact us now.

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